Beauty Time

Start your Basic Morning Routine today and see the results yourself!

It is the time to Glow Up. Now I have been doing it nearly every single day for the past 2 months. I can honestly say it’s going pretty well.

Only 5 simple steps a day!

Few things I found super helpful in nourishing my skin. I believe I have combination skin, which is quiet easily irritated. It is dry in some places, it’s oily in others (T-zone on my face). Find out what type of skin you have!

The Basic Morning Skincare Routine I developed is simple, yet effective. Everyone’s skin reacts differently so make sure you study your products!

Basic Skin Care Routine


It’s important to wash the oil build up and/or sweat in the morning, for me this is also a treatment stage, I use two different cleansers.

The cleanser with Vit C (oil based) from ‘Super Facialist’, helps to protect my skin from UV exposure which basically means it helps with aging. Vit C is also said to help fade hyperpigmentation (sunspots, age spots, & melasma), reduce redness and promote collagen production.

Second Cleanser from ‘Garnier’ with active Charcoal is amazing for hiding my pores and removing blackheads. It is surprisingly gentle, does not cause my skin any irritation and does what it says!


Adding a soothing toner as a hydrating stage in my Morning Routine did wonders for my skin. Gentle hydrating.


Treatment stage – I use serum with hyaluronic acid. It has quite sticky feel which helps to hide my pores.


My personal favourite is a moisturizer with goat’s milk. From ZIAJA. However, most moisturizer do their job just fine. Try to find one that works for your skin and stick to it.


I’ve learned to never skip this step! SPF acts like a barrier that protects your skin. Sunscreen helps to prevent sunburn (which can lead to cancer) and premature aging.


I discovered Robert and James Welsh some time last year, the amount of knowledge I learned from their videos is indescribable. I strongly recommend watching them if you want to upgrade your make up skills and/or work on your skincare. James has helped me to create this simple routine of mine! From the beginning it has improved my skin drastically! There were few fails as well, but that’s the risk I was willing to take. Are you?

Robert Welsh – Make Up

James Welsh – Skin Care

Let me know how you get on with your Skin-care Routine and if you found this information helpful!

Gabby XoXo

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