How to Reduce Stress?

Living in the present times ain’t easy. The pandemic, combined with personal dilemmas, have taken a toll on our mental health. Adding stress and anxiety to the mix and we have a disaster!

May 2021

May 2021 began on a good note, so much better than the previous couple of months. On the 10th of May the 3rd lockdown came to an end. Ireland is opening up once more. Hopefully this time for good.

3 Cleaning Tips that Will Change Your Life!

Are you also forever looking for cleaning tips that will actually improve the way you clean? To minimize time spent cleaning and maximize results! To enjoy a tidy home without the need to clean it all the time!

Mar/Apr 2021

Yet another month is passing by… uneventful
At this stage I can’t wait to go back to work. I honestly thought I’d never say that. I miss having a structure in my day. I miss variety in my daily activities.

Life Effectiveness

What is Life Effectiveness? How life effectiveness works? How effective are you? Important questions you need to ask yourself. Life effectiveness is something you can learn to achieve!