Cleaning Crisis – Short Term Solution

Personally, I think my house is quite tidy. Keeping it that way at all times is impossible. Especially now, Especially with BPD. Lockdown laziness took over my New Year spirit and motivation. Lockdown laziness is some different type of laziness…

It’s so messy, after few days of doing absolutely nothing. Looking around my home, makes me even more unmotivated. The mess got out of control…it happens…but I still don’t feel 100%.

Whether I am feeling down, going through ‘bad BPD days’ or couple of lazy days! This will simply and quickly make my surrounding clean enough 😊 for me to make me feel a bit better. Hopefully, this method will work for you too!

I recommend you try this out – if you ever find yourself too:

  1. Busy to clean properly.
  2. Tired to clean properly.
  3. Weak to clean properly.
  4. Lazy to clean properly.

I present to you one of the Quickest Cleaning Routine…

To get your house together! For you to survive the next couple of days!

Bathroom Swipe Down

Spray that bathroom cleaner over toilet & sink and wipe it down. We need to use it anyway so make it tidy.

Rubbish Removal

Walk around with a bin/binbag and throw it all away! Empty water bottles, food wraps, tissues anything that’s rubbish!

Clothing Check Up

Now do I and my boyfriend have something to wear for the next couple of days? If the answer is yes, move on. If we don’t, I gather up our most used/favourite clothing and wash them. Will do for couple of days 😊

Food Waste

Check fridge and kitchen/wherever you keep your food, for any food that went bad. Not much left? I order a takeaway…

Quick Hoover!

Hoover the place I spend most of my time in, living room or bedroom.

Five easy steps and I feel so much better! I can rest for another few days!

This is what I do when I don’t have full energy. Whether there’s no time or motivation! This got me through and made my days a little bit easier.

Hopefully, you will find this useful.

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