Declutter and Organise Your Home

Last couple of weeks have been extremely monotonous, being stuck at home all day, every day is challenging for all of us. However, you can use this time effectively.

Look around, there’s always something to do around the house…If you are in a similar situation to mine, lots of time but no motivation, no clue how to start or the amount of work puts you off before you begin…but you do want to have a clutter free home? Look no more. I’ve done the work for us.

Organising your home on the other hand will hopefully result in less cleaning on a daily or even weekly basis.

During my research I discovered some simple, yet life-changing tips, methods, and advice to make and keep your house organised. Making a realistic plan –necessary part of the process.

Gabby Recommends

Once upon a time I was looking for a way to get my cleaning chores simpler, and easier to control. The method I use and highly recommend is… ‘’The House Zones’’ method. Which allows you to clearly see the house and each room. I categorised my house into 4 zones (I used colours, but numbers or letters will be fine).

To find and note exactly what must be done in each room/zone, take a walk around your house and sit in each room, look around, write down a to-do list (daily, weekly or monthly), get inspiration (Pinterest).

Another way of making a good plan is getting an app on your phone that allows you to make your own cleaning schedule/timetable.

For those who enjoy challenges. This is where Pinterest plays a big part… thousands of interesting decluttering, cleaning, and organizing challenges and inspirations. One that stood out to me was ‘’52 Week Cleaning Challenge’’, it may be used as examples of what to write in your own decluttering plan. Or simply follow what is already written.

Planning and completing goals, awards you with feelings of accomplishment. It helps you stay more organised, motivated and feel less worried.

Before you begin, prepare 6 boxes (bin bags can also be used).

  1. Keep Box
  2. Fix Box
  3. Put Away Box
  4. Donate Box
  5. Recycle Box
  6. Toss Box

In the keep and fix box only place those items you strongly feel about keeping or fixing. Try to push yourself to let go of the stuff that is not adding any value to your life.

This method allows you to decide whether there is a need and/or want for your stuff. Clearing space and getting rid of useless items is refreshing and eye-opening at times.

Tip: Make your house tidy enough for guests.

How to Get Started?

  1. Write down what results you are hoping for.
  2. Decide whether you want to go by rooms or zones
  3. Plan carefully what needs to be done in each room/zone.
  4. Set realistic goals – don’t beat yourself up if you fail to accomplish them. Although, try to push yourself – think about the results.
  5. Try to consistently do what you planned and reward small victories. Every room or every zone done, a small treat after each one will keep you motivated and focused.

P.s Gabby wishes you clutter free and organised home.

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