Easier Organise

Once I settled into our new house a bit more, which only really happened about a month ago. I realized that the storage system needs an upgrade, freshly moved in – I was sure that organising will be easy. It was not.

I came across an advice. Using it will leave you pleasantly surprised. Within organising the first couple of drawers, shelves, shelving units and all storage spaces this simple rule will be game changer. For sure.

Organise by category rather than by space.

My mum asked me recently for a tip that she can use to organise. She hates spending her time cleaning and she is always busy. She did start organising by category not by space. Together we put down a list of results that occurred after we introduced it in our homes.

  1. Always know exactly where to look for an item of yours
  2. Spend less time on weekly/monthly/yearly cleaning
  3. All things have designated place
  4. You can stay messy and still organise your stuff by category

Gabby Recommends

If you are ready to start organising by categories here are few tips on how Gabby organises and achieves glamorous results…

  1. All things you own should be thought out
  2. Deep clean the place/s your stuff will be going into
  3. Put the most frequently used items at the front (remember to make it easy and handy enough to reach items at the back)
  4. Make everything you need to remember about visible

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