Feb/Mar 2021

February days were slow and monotonous. My boyfriend returned to work at the beginning of February, and since then I spend most of the time alone. Having him at home for more than 6 months was amazing. We never get bored of each other, which is a pretty cool characteristic of our relationship.

Alone Time

With so much time in my hands and not so much motivation it’s difficult to stay productive. It’s undeniable. With so much change in my daily routine, it was hard to get used to being alone again.

I am trying to do as much as I can given the circumstances. Trying to motivate myself through few established activities such as: keeping anything playing on my laptop (helps me with feeling lonely) or talking to someone whether its quick conversation just to update each other or a few hours video call. Regular stuff that charges my gets me going 😊.

Beginning of March

March is graciously giving us sunny mixed with rainy days. It’s still going much better than the last month. Way more ups than downs, which is always a good sign. Hopefully, with all this positivity and motivation I will post more often and get LivingWithGabby the time it deserves.


Getting back to exercising is easy…is something I will never say. I know it’s needed as I’m lacking activity. However, if I count the spring cleaning into it…at least it is some type of movement.

Stay Happy and Healthy

With Love Gabby Xoxo

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