Germ Alert – Things you need to Sanitize Now!

The Covid-19 pandemic made us more alert about our hygiene and being germ-free than ever. It is 2021 and we finally know how harmful germs and bacteria can be. Below I’ve listed couple of objects we all use on a daily basis, however, are we keeping the germs under control on these? Find out the importance of sanitizing and how contaminated these items are!

Having sanitizer everywhere I go isn’t new for me. Was I the only one carrying it around before Covid?  Although being able to go to any store and see staff and others adhering to actual cleanliness, keeping the space somewhat sanitized, is truly amazing. We can’t forget to sanitize our personal space, whether it’s at work or home. 

What if I told you that you use so many objects every single day without realizing how dirty they actually are. This post will definitely make you more aware of germs around you and hopefully also motivate you to get rid of them.

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Firstly your phone. I always have it with me as most people do nowadays, without realizing how dirty it is. Ideal place for germs to roam free.

Do you sanitize it everyday or every couple of days? If the answer is no… Let me tell you an interesting fact – most of the mobile phones contain more germs than PUBLIC toilets! 

To find out more go to ‘Your Cell Phone is 10 Times Dirtier than Toilet Seat’ by


Credit, debit, loyalty, savings, ID, driver license cards and any other type of cards you carry should be sanitized regularly. When you take it out in the shop you don’t clean your hands right before you use it, and we touch so many contaminated surfaces with those hands! 


Wallets are as contaminated as cards and money. I can see that people rarely use money at this stage, but we still sometimes do (I disinfect my money with antibacterial spray). The amount of people that held that money before you is unbelievable. Then the money goes into our wallet making it as dirty. 


Keyboard, mouse, Xbox/PS controllers, remotes, tablets, IPads and any other device you use on a daily basis. Another great place for bacteria to flourish.

Handles & Switches

All the people at home touch it, our guests do as well. This is one of those things we tend to forget about, or not realize how contaminated they can be, and how easily germs can transmit through things like light switches, handles, door handles etc.


Most handbags are very easy to sanitize. All you need to do is wipe them with antibacterial wipe. 

Office supplies

Pens, pencils, markers, etc. This goes for both work and home environments. Especially if you share it with anyone else. 

Why Do It?

Sanitizing your everyday objects reduces risks of transmitting bacterias and viruses (such as Covid). Resulting in us getting sick less often. Chances of getting ill with something like the common flu are also decreasing. 

All you have to do is keep your surroundings sanitized.

Hot to do it and more reasons why can be found on ‘’ .


Learn the importance of keeping your frequently used objects sanitized, not only cleaned. Germ-free and clean surfaces are the best surfaces! Reduce chances of getting sick. Disinfect your phone, wallet, bag and all of the things I mentioned above, regularly and precisely!

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  1. Michelle says:

    As I am currently sick, with just a cold, not covid, I appreciate the reminder. Especially my phone! I am usually good about sanitizing after visiting a store, but apparently I forgot this time. Being sick is no fun. lol

  2. I think we are all a little more conscientious about germs after living in a pandemic world. Thanks for the great tips.

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