Grow Together = Stay Together

One of the aspects to any healthy, long-lasting relationship is the growth of the relationship. Yup, the growth; of you, of them and of the relationship itself. In other words – moving forward. Growing together = Staying together.

Everyone we meet in our life develops, in their own unique way. They grow, expand and change. Their energy shifts and goals change throughout the years. Especially the youth, people around my age, are constantly changing. And it is a natural process that we must accept. Within ourselves, and others.

When somebody close to us changes, is not always pleasing to us. Sometimes their choices and changes are hard to accept/understand. Other times the change in us makes the relationship break or end. Nevertheless, the change is inevitable. Sometimes it’s just about acceptance.

Personal/Relationship growth

Your best friend, family member, friend or co-worker will probably change throughout your relationship with them. What a healthy response is, is to accept that change and support it. 

I’ve read somewhere ages ago about energies drifting and about everything, including living things vibrating constantly. This article might help you understand – ‘What is Vibrational Energy?’. How incredibly important it is to understand this concept, it is truly life changing because it is so true. It’s our subconscious telling us what we are missing/needing and alerting us as well, what to be cautious of. Good vibrations vs bad vibrations. Which one would you chose to spend your time with? To grow with?


Are we both on the same page? Do we both want the same outcome? What are our intentions based on? Are their intentions truthful? What do we expect out of the relationship? What do they expect from us?

These are all tough and significant questions. 

What if the relationship is only beneficial for one-side, that means it ain’t a healthy one. 

Very important factor in any relationship is bringing out the best in each other. Seeing the potential and allowing the other person to feel supported and loved throughout their journey. 


  • Mutual growth and acceptance is crucial in having healthy relations
  • What are our intention/expectation from them?
  • What are their intention/expectation from us?
  • Accept and support personal growth, whether its your friend, parent or co-worker
  • The change is inevitable

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  1. This is one of the reasons my husband and I wanted to get married young. Some people do better in marriage when they’ve had enough time to explore life by themselves before pairing themselves with another person. My husband and I had already done a lot of traveling and exploring, and we wanted to get married a little younger to help us grow together. I think I would have struggled to adjust my life for him, if we had gotten married when we were older. I hadn’t ever applied this thinking to friends, coworkers, etc, but it’s absolutely applicable that all of our relationships change, and we have to adjust to grow and stay together =).

    1. Gabby says:

      Growing together is a beautiful experience. Travelling, exploring and learning together connects people on a different level. Try to think of using this technique with other people in your life. Wishing you all the best <3

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