Hobbies to Start

Over the last few weeks, I’ve done some serious Spring Cleaning, but you can’t be cleaning all the time! I’ve figured it’s a really good time to take up some hobbies. Some are past hobbies of mine, and some are new to me.

There’s as many hobbies as there are people! We all have different interests; we all want something else. However, there are some hobbies you should try out.

These hobbies are compatible to so many humans! 👇


Journaling or writing a diary can be done digitally (there’s even apps for it) or the old-fashioned way, handwriting in a notebook.

Getting in touch with your inner self is a spiritual and mindful experience; by journaling about you daily life, your feelings/moods, daily gratitude, roses & thorns of the day, and even writing your to do tasks can help you do just that. Get to know yourself and your habits!

*Roses & Thorns of the day – I’ve seen RuPaul do it in his Netflix series ‘A.J. and the Queen’. Name or write good things (Roses) that happened and bad things (Thorns), that happened during that day. I write 3 of each, each day.


For me dancing in front of a mirror has always been an essential part of getting ready, whether I’m getting ready for a party or my daily life.

Dancing releases the ‘happy hormone’ and also helps to improve posture and flexibility.

And if you think you can’t dance…here’s a song to prove you wrong – Macarena.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts is something I believe everyone find pleasure in. There are countless ways to interpret arts and crafts.

You can colour in a picture – you can create a painting from scratch!

Create sculpture, or a design stuff.

Or you can make anything you want and get mental and physical benefits as well!

  • Improve concentration
  • Stimulate your imagination
  • Reduce stress
  • Work on you hand-to-eye co-ordination
  • Lose weight – control weight


Yoga’s variety is massive. Yoga for beginners, yoga for flexibility, yoga for weight loss, yoga for improving strength, yoga for backpain and so on…

You can basically find yoga for everything. Different pace, different levels.

Fun Yoga Facts

  1. It’s over 5000 years old
  2. More than 300 million people to it
  3. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Yoga’, means ‘union’ or ‘to unite’
  4. Yoga and meditation combined, can delay ageing!


Something we all do, but are we doing enough?

Walking for 30 mins daily in fresh air can improve so much!

  • You should do 10.000 steps a day!
  • Improve blood flow
  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve mood
  • 20-minute walk, or about 2,000 steps, equals to 1 mile

Use this time effectively. Work on yourself.

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