How often you should wash these – Beauty Edition

We all know makeup brushes should be washed regularly, but do you know how often you should wash these beauty products…

Here are some of the most used beauty products and info on how often (and how to in some cases) to wash them. 

Make-up Brushes

It is one of the most obvious ones. Of course washing frequency depends heavily on how often you put on make-up, how you store them and what kind of products you use. 

If you use make-up daily/semi-daily wash your brushes every week.

Brushes/sponges used for liquid products should be washed more often, as they gather more bacteria. 

Leaving brushes out isn’t a good idea. They gather dust and get dirty. 

Why should you wash them? 

Keeping your brushes clean and sterile will benefit your skin. Less spots and breakouts. 

Hair Brushes

If you use hair products such as gel, cream or hairspray you should wash your hair brushes once a week.

If you don’t use much hair products in your hair you can wash your hair brushes every 2 to 3 weeks. 

How to wash your hair brushes?

Simply wash them with your shampoo.

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Clean your toothbrush with boiling water at least every 2 weeks. Also if you have a toothbrush holder or cup, clean it every 2 weeks. 

How often to replace it? 

You should replace your toothbrush or if you use an electric one, the head, at least every 3 to 4 months. 

Toothbrush Care


Firstly allow your sponge/loofah to air dry after each use. As bacteria’s favourite place to grow is the wet environment. 

You should replace your sponge/loofah at least every 2 to 3 months.

By washing it often you will have clearer skin. It can also reduce skin infections and irritation. 

Loofah Care


Tweezers for nails or your eyebrow should be sterilized after each use.

Washing them with soap or wash up liquid will be just fine. Make sure you dry them completely before putting them away.


Wash your beauty products often. Making sure they are tidy will result in better results. Such as less breakouts when washing make-up brushes/sponges regularly. Or having healthier and clearer skin when washing your sponge/loofah. 

There are way more benefits to keeping it clean 😉

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