How to get rid of Trash – Home Edition

As some of you might know I am in the middle of spring cleaning. However, I came across many different things at my house that I wasn’t exactly sure where to throw them away.

Recycling and taking care of mother earth in general has always been a passion of mine. I do what I know I can.

I’ve decided to do some research and find out exactly how to recycle nearly everything from home rubbish to big furniture properly. it is so important that we all know how important recycling is, how necessary it is to always follow the guidelines off proper removal of goods, as nowadays many of the elements can be brought back to life by just recycling which means so much better for earth and for all of us.

(All the information is suitable for someone living in Ireland)

‘One mans trash is another man’s treasure’

If it is still usable, try selling it or donating it to your local charity.

If it’s ain’t functional these is how to get rid of it properly:

Electronics & Batteries

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) they offer recycling of you electric good with wide range of what they are able to recycle, click in the link above to find out what and how you can recycle electronics. They recycle 70 % of our old mattress.

Batteries can be recycled in many stores that sell them, one of them is Lidl. You can recycle them over there without making any purchase!

Mattresses and large furniture

Many stores now offer removal when you buy a new mattress e.g., Harvey Norman Argos Ikea. In most cases they do charge extra for it.

There is also a really cool, ECO-FRIENDLY company located in my town, Longford, which provides you with free quotation and removal of your old mattress.

Blankets, Duvets and Pillows

Check with your local charity e.g., ISPCA or Dogs Trust to see if they need any! Donate it to doggos and cats waiting for their forever home.

Or donate it to shelters or charities that help those in difficult times.

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