Life Effectiveness

What is Life Effectiveness? How life effectiveness works? How effective are you? Important questions you need to ask yourself. Life effectiveness is something you can learn to achieve!

What is Effectiveness?

Definition of being effective  – successful in ‘producing a decided, decisive, or desired effect’.

Being effective in my words – the results of a particular task are; the ones I expected, the ones I wanted or needed. Although, unexpected results that are positive I consider as effective work. 

Being an effective human being is an amazing, fulfilling feeling. Life effectiveness is an achievable skill. You can learn to be effective, then you can learn to translate it into every activity you perform. Therefore achieving life effectiveness.

Am I Effective?

I used to look at busy people and think ‘OMG. I wish I was as productive as them’. Being constantly busy was my goal. Meanwhile, it was only after actually being busy all the time. I realized I was not being effective. I didn’t achieve what I wanted. Which resulted in me being tired of it and unmotivated.

Being Busy is not the same as being Productive.

  • ’Am I doing it effectively?’
  • ‘Am I studying effectively?’
  • ‘Are we having an effective conversation?’

If the answer is no – I am not being effective. I evaluate what’s stopping me from achieving the desired results. Then re-evaluate the task and come up with a different approach to it.

Life effectiveness results in Success!

We all thrive to be effective in everything we do; as we expects certain results…Life effectiveness is achieved when we gain desired results in our daily life to do’s and goals.

How to be/stay effective?

Working towards Success is a Continuous and Hard Work, but it’s So Worth It.

Writing down expected results for a particular task to look at and remind yourself. For instance, if you are practicing yoga what is the results you want? Is it gaining flexibility? Working on your posture? Practicing mindfulness? Clearing your mind?

During the activity ask yourself ‘am I being effective’!

Afterwards examine whether you were effective? Did you get the results you wanted or not?

What could you change or do differently to achieve the results you want?

Have a reward system in place – even tho accomplishments are a reward itself, you should try to have a reward system that works for you!


To conclude we all thrive to be and stay effective. Achieve success and desired effects. To be able to be effective in our life. Life Effectiveness is essential.

  1. Am I being effective? – Ask yourself this often & be honest with yourself. 
  2. Know what results you want to achieve.
  3. How can I stay/be more effective?
  4. Examine your life effectiveness!
Success is Effectiveness!

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