Mar/Apr 2021

Yet another month is passing by… uneventful. March and April 2021 in it’s glare…

At this stage I can’t wait to go back to work. Honestly I’d never thought I will say that. I miss having a structure in my day. I miss variety in my daily activities. 

Easter Online

My family and I had our first Easter Breakfast on Skype. It went really good and I enjoyed it. However, it was missing something…the thing that makes it special. The whole holiday-spirit feel you get when you go to your family home, and your whole family is there. The colourful food is one the table, decorations are set and you just get to experience it as a whole.

Work Preparation

Before Easter my mum and I attended our business for a couple of days, to clean up a bit and organise some stuff for future re-opening.

It’s also a good excuse to go somewhere other than grocery shopping!

Both, my mum and I needed to get out. 


My previous Diary Post is still much ongoing. 

I feel more like I’m existing more than actually living. 
I need people in my life. Meeting them and my family. A while ago I wrote about needing others in our everyday life. It hit me recently how much I actually need it and want it. To go out to a party. To experience it once more. When will it happen again?

Stay Happy and Healthy

With Love, Gabby XoXo

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