What Are Your Priorities?

The first step in the process of upgrading the quality of your life is to identify what are the most important things in your life. Take some time and write down your priorities (you can also add what motivates you). Having them written down clearly will make it so much easier for you to stay focused on them. Some ideas might be family, finances, career, hobbies, romantic partner, home life, education, and so on.

Once you have them written down-get into the habit of thinking about them, implement them into all your daily activities. I think it is safe to say to circle your life around your priorities. Plan your day around stuff that you care about the most. The change you will see in yourself is unbelievable. Your thinking might change, the way you see things might change, but one thing that will change for sure is the quality of your life. Focusing on your priorities will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

One great way I found to keep them in mind throughout my day, is an app that allows me to write any note on my home screen. Anytime I look at my phone, I get reminded about my priorities. Another way is to make a poster or print it and have it visible where you are spending most of your time or on a phone just like Gabby does.

Gabby mobile screen

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