Small vs. Big House Differences

When you think of your forever home, do you picture a big house in the countryside , or a small apartment in the middle of a big city, or perhaps a small house on the outside of town? Whichever you decide on, there are some realistic factors you need to consider before making a final decision. 

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Deciding which one to choose can be a difficult task and of course many outside factors such as, how far away is it from work, are schools nearby, is the neighborhood attractive, etc. should also be included in consideration. Nonetheless, one of the first aspects of finding a perfect house is still the size of the house. Without further ado…this is what both of them offer. 

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Small House 

  • Easier to get cluttered 
  • Quicker to heat and cool 
  • Less storage space
  • Quicker to clean
  • Downsizing can have many advantages on our personal life
  • (Not applicable to all) just thought I’d put it out there as I see it as a massive disadvantage – no guest room is a big no for me
  • Easier to fill up if you don’t have many furniture – it doesn’t look as empty

Big House

  • One of the most obvious is more space (more storage space)
  • More work to do around the house
  • Usually harder to warm and cool
  • If it gets cluttered/untidy it is easy to work around it – sometimes when you are busy for a period of time and don’t have time to clean it is a big comfort to just be able to work around it

My House

I’d say my house is pretty big, we have 7 bedrooms and 2 living rooms, but because it’s not fully finished (two of the rooms don’t even have floors yet) keeping it looking clean is a challenge. Then three rooms are solely used for storage. My house has so many things… I think my future father-in-law and I are on the verge of being on ‘The Hoarders’ 😂. 

Before we lived in this house we lived in quite a small 3-bedroom house, all the rooms were tiny. One of the bedrooms had to be transformed into a storage room for all my belongings when I moved in… The space was limited and we couldn’t really do much to it as it was rented. We kind of lived with what we had. Even with all of this there was a different feel to that house, it wasn’t cramped, it was pretty full, but once you lit the fireplace the atmosphere was there.. I miss it sometimes, the cleaning took me at least an hour less daily! 

Still I wouldn’t trade my house for any other one. All of our love and hard work that we put in it is showing at last 🥰. 

Final Decision

Whichever house you decide on or have already decided as your forever home, cherish all the work you put in it. Your home should reflect you and make you feel comfortable and at peace. Deciding on a size of the house can be made clearer by listing down what you want exactly out of your home, some example might be – how many bedrooms, or bathrooms, whether you want a guest room or not, how spacious does the storage space needs to be, do you want a dining room or an office? Will you change your mind in the near future? List down all your expectations and worries, then look at what size/how spacious realistically you need and will need the house to be. 

Houses of all sizes can be cozy, organized, neat and tidy.

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