Spring Cleaning To Do’s

Spring Cleaning involves the usual…tidying underneath all the furniture we often forget to do during the year, decluttering and cleaning!

How about we step up the game and clean places we usually don’t pay attention to!

When was the last time you cleaned those? Hmmm….

Chandeliers & Lamps

If possible, take your chandelier off and clean them while they’re not stuck hanging to the ceiling, it’s easier that way. If not take extra care when cleaning, your chandeliers.

Windows & Window Frames

I recommend using vinegar or vinegar-based products to clean your windows. After that, wipe them with some old tights for extra shine and no smudges. Don’t forget your window frames!

Walls & Wall strips

Spiderwebs, and in some cases dirty spots. If cleaning them does not work maybe it’s time to repaint?


Cleaning doors inside and outside. If you have wooden doors be careful with using water on them, as wood sucks the water and might swell over time. I recommend using wood friendly products.


If you have a radiator like in the picture, I recommend taking it apart, personally I had no idea how to do so, but my father-in-law-to-be is a golden handyman. He takes them apart while I deep clean.

Kitchen Cabinets

Empty them and deep clean those cabinets, drawers, and forgotten spices!

It’s a good time to also go through all your home ingredients, throw out everything you not sure when was opened! Check expiry date and next time you will open up anything put a date of opening.


Wipe down the leaves. Maybe some need moving to bigger pots? This is the time to take care of your plants.


If you do have any sort of pavement, I recommend using Karcher Pressure Washer. You can borrow them from many places, or you can buy one, the home edition can be purchased for less than 100 Euro.

Technology stuff

Remotes, TVs, computers, stereo system, laptops, tablets, Xboxes, and PlayStation. Game systems and PC’s can be brought to be professionally cleaned, dust and other unwanted dirt, gathers in hard-to-reach places which may result in overheating or slowing down the system.

Freezer & Fridge

Unfreeze and deep clean your freezer (Washing up liquid and sponge).

Empty and deep clean your fridge (Also washing up liquid and sponge).

Beauty Products

Things you keep in bathroom also have an expiry date, make-up, moisturizers, and any beauty products does. It’s important to adhere to those, as a product left open for too long may cause skin irritation and reversed results to those wanted.

How is your Spring Cleaning going?

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  1. This was a great blog post! I needed a reminder to clean all the things!

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