May 2021

May 2021 began on a good note, so much better than the previous couple of months. On the 10th of May the 3rd lockdown came to an end. Ireland is opening up once more. Hopefully this time for good.

Mar/Apr 2021

Yet another month is passing by… uneventful
At this stage I can’t wait to go back to work. I honestly thought I’d never say that. I miss having a structure in my day. I miss variety in my daily activities.

Feb/Mar 2021

February have not been eventful for me. As probably for the most of us. March is going pretty good so far. Here’s how it’s going for me…

Tough Times – January 2021

Once in a while life gets difficult. It is inevitable. Preparation for every occasion is close to impossible. Expect the unexpected. But how?…