Tough Times – January 2021

With the worldwide pandemic, 3rd lockdown in Ireland, and all the other bizarre things that happened in between. We are all starting this year tough. For my family, this year begun on a stressful note.

01.01.2021 My family’s update

The last couple of months have been incredibly stressful for us both, my boyfriend and I, he hasn’t been able to do simplest tasks. I didn’t even know you can be walking around with hernia for such a long period of time. Somehow, he managed to do it for over six months…anyway.

My boyfriend’s surgery in the public hospital got cancelled, once again for the 4th time. On the 1st of January 2021, it was Friday: I received the phone call.

With the thought of the third lockdown happening. We invested in private hospital to take care of it. Not to mention it was costly. Calling them on Monday, he had it done by Thursday. Everything post-surgery is really good, now it’s healing time, but most importantly my love is fine and his mood and attitude improved drastically.

Bored or Productive, Creative or Dull, You decide how this year Roll

With the year starting so intense, my main hope to be is healthy and happy. Major part of our plans is postponed. I’m not mad tho. I am trying my best to be understanding, and not to waste any more time.

Challenges are thrown at us, at all the times. How we react and respond will determine how much stress it costs to deal with.

Mindfully, spiritually, and physically

I’ve decided to become Productive and Creative, rather than bored and dull. Here’s an idea of my plans for duration of the 3rd Irish Lockdown. 

Staying at home does not have to equal being bored. There’s plenty to do 😊 it’s all about the attitude. I personally decided to start few projects that can be fully started & finished without leaving the comfort of my home. It did take me some time to get myself together to do them. I think it is safe to say the motivation of most people decreased, especially during the colder months. My family, friends and I got lazy, really lazy.  Nonetheless I believe the first step is the toughest. After that it might get easier…

Some of my projects and goals for the Winter/Spring 2021 are:

  • Practice piano

One of my X-mas presents was a keyboard. I did play piano a bit as a child. However, not playing for the last 12 years I forgot nearly everything. Now this is the time to start learning all over again. With all the resources available online, learning by yourself is possible. It ain’t easy tho.

  • Start exercising!

I am working out with YouTubers. There are many videos in various categories, from Zumba to Yoga. I will document my fitness journey. Follow me on Instagram to check it out, see my progress and see who I am exercising with.

  • Spring Cleaning

I am still hoping for more motivation. For photos and updates follow my social media. For ideas and tips on Cleaning go to Clean on

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