Why do We need others?

When we were born our parents or guardians took care of us. Loving, nurturing, and supporting parents contribute to positive attachment behaviour, boosting our self-esteem and confidence – our caretakers form the very first support system in our lives. However not all of us are so lucky in the beginning as well as later in life. Some may not have the support system we all deserve. It is possible to create it though!

Harder does not mean impossible!

While not all of us have this primary support system in place, we are all deserving of having healthy, fruitful, loving relationships – whether it be a friend, partner, work colleague or a family member – they all offer the same outcome, being a network of people that care about you, your wellbeing, forming an acquired support system that you have earned being a good person. 

It is important to recognise the people that are truly worthy of keeping around. Nothing is rarer and more precious than honesty and mutual respect. I truly believe healthy relationships share some common characteristics such as; 

  1. Supportive and non-judgmental
  2. Reliable and helpful
  3. Respectful towards you and everything about you
  4. Truly care for you and your wellbeing
  5. Lastly ask yourself – would you be willing to do all of the above for them in return? if you answered yes and you feel it to be coming from love – you might have found your support system!

Remember respect and empathy are foundations of every healthy relationship, but it is extremely important to communicate honestly with one another, preferably by setting out personal boundaries at the beginning of your relationship to avoid disappointments. This way we avoid hurting each other’s feelings, displaying our expectations clearly by discussing our boundaries together and establishing what lines we should never cross. Friends will always help each other, but lifelong friends will do so without having to compromise each other’s needs. Life is never 50/50, so if you feel someone‚Äôs been too good of a friend to you lately, consider reaching out and giving some goodness back!   

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so remember to pour some back to your friends! Life is all about balance. 

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